Requesting Patient Medical Records

Online Request Option:

Processing Time: 48 hours after ordering online


Texas Spine Consultants offers a secure online option to its patient community for ordering medical records.


Alternative Request Option:

Processing Time: 10-15 days after full payment is received

  1. Download and complete an Authorization for Release of Information form
  2. Mail the completed form and payment specified below to:

    eRequest LLC
    5202 Bourrone Court
    Bryan, TX 77802

  3. Processing Fee:
    • $25.00 for your complete medical record
    • Make check payable to eRequest LLC
  4. After your request and payment have been received, your request will be processed
  5. Your medical records will be made available online for download
  6. If full payment is not included with your request, the request will be deleted
  7. After request with full payment is received, average time to process your request is 10 - 15 days

There has been an error processing your request. Technical support has been alerted, however additional information will help solve this issue. Please send some brief comments describing what you were doing:

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